Products of RostAgroServis were recognized the best in the "quality" category once again.

Products of RostAgroServis were recognized the best in the "quality" category once again.

From February 28 to March 1, within the framework of the XXII Agro-Industrial Forum of the South of Russia, the exhibitions Agrotechnology and Interagromash were working, at which more than 200 domestic and foreign manufacturers presented their products. Over 9 thousand specialists visited the exhibition pavilions and appreciated the presented exhibits. The farmers paid particular attention to the stands of LLC RostAgroServis.

Few weeks remained before the seeding season, so farmers and heads of agricultural enterprises are in a hurry to replenish their agro-engineering parks and equip tractors and combines with innovative systems of precision agriculture. This is the equipment that was presented by the company under the brand name Agroglobal.

The entry-level navigation system AGN 8000 has already been tested in the fields of the Rostov Region, Kazakhstan, Krasnodar Territory, and Belarus. Mechanics note the versatility of the device since it can be installed on the most common MTZ Tractor, and on the latest models of agricultural vehicles. In addition, the AGN 8000 guidance system is multifunctional, it is used for seeding works carried out with the help of RUMs, application of soil and solid formulations, etc. This navigation equipment was highly evaluated in the framework of the campaign “100 projects under the patronage of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation”, in which RostAgroServis was named the winner.

For the agricultural season of 2019 LLC RostAgroServis has released new products, which were also presented at the exhibition.

Agricultural Navigation System AGN АТ5 is a new generation device. In the basic configuration, as the entry-level navigation system AGN 8000, it works as a standard guidance system. At the same time, AGN AT5 is an element of the control system for application of fertilizers, chemical pest control compounds, pesticides and herbicides.

Sprayer control unit AGN SMU-01 works in conjunction with the AGN AT5. Its main function is to control the application of liquid chemical compounds into the soil, which allows minimizing the human factor and eliminating the inefficient use of fertilizers.

Over the past 5 years, RostAgroServis products have confirmed their competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets of agricultural technologies, and the precision agricultural systems have already surpassed similar equipment of well-known brands: Campus, Aerosuyuz, Trimble, Raven, etc. The priority feature of Agroglobal products is high quality, which was noted by the diploma of the Interagromash exhibition. The geography of using devices for the system of precise agriculture produced by the company is constantly expanding. You can buy today guidance systems today from official dealers of RostAgroServis in 36 regions of Russia and Germany.