AGN АТ5 Agricultural Navigation System is now completed with the function of sprayer operation monitoring

AGN АТ5 Agricultural Navigation System is now completed with the function of sprayer operation monitoring

RostAgroServis has tested additional functions of sprayer operation monitoring. The new equipment allows remote online monitoring for the operation of agricultural machinery and its accessories, and obtain data on more than 20 parameters.

How monitoring works

AGN АТ5 Agricultural Navigation System is a basic device for monitoring. Data is sent from AT5 which has a 3G or 4G modem with a SIM card. If for some reasons there was no connection with the network for a certain period of time, data is being recorded to a black box recorder, and uploading will be performed immediately after the connection is re-established.

Information about the monitoring is stored on the server, that is why, after completion of works, all the way travelled by the machine, its location and operation parameters can be tracked in any period of time

Sprayer operation parameters that can be obtained when using Agroglobal Agricultural Navigation System

Full-scale testing of the device for sprayer operation monitoring was conducted on the fields of RostAgroServis. For testing the following devices were used: trailer sprayer, mounted sprayer for MTZ tractor, and self-propelled sprayer. The test results showed that the monitoring system transmits accurate data on the following parameters:

  • the actual area of the treated field;
  • instantaneous fertilizer consumption per unit area;
  • the established rate of fertilizer consumption, which is automatically adjusted by the unit in accordance with the driving speed;
  • the state of the main and section valves;
  • system pressure (provided that the system is equipped with a pressure sensor);
  • lighter socket voltage;
  • satellite signal level and the level of mobile communication;
  • the temperature inside the control unit, etc.

For all mentioned parameters, schedules and reports can be made.

Advantages of agricultural machinery operation using monitoring

Monitoring of agricultural works using the precision agriculture system allows to significantly increase the productivity of each piece of machinery, minimize the loss of fertilizers, and exclude irrational work. Timely detection of failures, defects in the work of parts and mechanisms will provide an opportunity to prevent breakage and troubleshoot in time.

RostAgroServis has already started producing equipment for sprayer operation monitoring. You can buy a guidance system with additional functions through a dealer network in 36 regions in Russia and Germany.