LLC RostAgroServis

LLC RostAgroServis was founded in 2016. Initially, its activity included the supply of spare parts for agricultural vehicles and its maintenance.
Today the company works in several directions:
– designing and manufacturing systems of precise agriculture
– maintenance of McCormick tractor vehicles
– supply and manufacturing of filter elements for the imported and domestic vehicles of own trademark MB-FILTER,
– installation, sale, maintenance of GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems, and tachographs.

Specialists of the enterprise developed the guidance system with the unique software, design, operation algorithm distinctly differentiating it from its analogues.

This is a real example of import phase-out at the territory of Rostov-on-Don.

Having analyzed the market of agricultural vehicles, the founders discovered the deficiency of parallel driving systems, tractor thrusting devices, and tractor monitoring devices that were offered to consumers. Sales and maintenance of this equipment demonstrated that the imported devices such as Raven, Trimble, Tee Jet are highly reliable but expensive enough and complex in operation at the same time. Domestic analogues which were exposed in the market in not that great numbers, were significantly inferior in quality. In 2016, this market situation gave the founders an idea to organize their own production of parallel driving systems.

Technical department including sub-divisions of developing engineers, designers, programmers, and constructors was organized within the company to develop its own products; a park of agricultural vehicles was organized to conduct field tests; agricultural lands were taken on lease.

What is Agroglobal?

Parallel driving system is meant for use in agricultural vehicles as a guidance system when performing sprinkling works and applying solid fertilizers.  The device is using signals of the global positioning system for device position sensing and inform an operator about the deviation from set course within the accuracy of 20cm from row to row, and when using our РТК RTSM 3 system the accuracy is 2cm. Also, the guidance system allows to measure areas and field perimeter.
Conducting scientific and research and development works on designing guidance systems for agricultural vehicles and aviation equipment allowed LLC RostAgroServis to launch series production of Agroglobal trademark guidance systems.

Competitive advantages of RostAgroServis parallel driving systems.

When designing the navigation device for agricultural works, developers of the parallel driving system took into account the disadvantages of its analogues available in the market. The company purchases component parts from the proven manufacturers of Canada and Korea for production of its own devices. The Agroglobal complex is equipped with its own software, it is characterized by unique operation algorithm and stylish design. Agroglobal is easy to operate, and its price 30-50% lower than that of foreign and domestic competitors.

Why using guidance system is beneficial to agricultural enterprises

Unique technology of RostAgroServis lies in the motion compensation of the GPS receiver coordinates when satellites change their position, automation for usability by low-skilled workers. Undisputable advantages of the guidance system also include:
– reducing vehicle driving error;
– reducing temporary work costs;
– increasing transport load due to the works in low visibility conditions;
– reducing expenses for fuel and lubricant materials and applied fertilizers;
– potential yield enhancement;
– ability to control performed works through downloading and visualization of the vehicle motion tracks.

Where to use Agroglobal equipment

Sales geography of LLC RostAgroServis is wide: Rostov region, Stavropol Krai, Krasnodar Krai, Novosibirsk region etc. As of today, the enterprise has a wide dealer network across the country, which with no trouble allows buying Agroglobal guidance system in any region of Russia as well as in Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus. The company is planning further increase of precise agriculture systems production volume and product diversification.


42 Lenina Ave, Aksay, Rostov region

Telephone: +7 (863) 265-88-46

E-mail: info@agroglobal.pro