AGROGLOBAL AGN8000 Guidance System

AGROGLOBAL AGN8000 Guidance System

Entry-level navigation system. It is suitable for works which do not require high precision of vehicle positioning. As a rule, such works include the application of liquid and solid compounds (various fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, pest control chemicals etc.) seeding with the help of distributors (RUMs).

As for the works requiring enhanced precision of positioning, it is recommended to be used together with an external high-precision receiver GNSS. The device supports the connection of the external GNSS receiver through the RS232 interface according to the NMEA 0183 protocol.

Screen diagonal 8″
Screen backlit brightness 700 cd/m2
Satellite signals reception GLONASS/GPS GLONASS/BeiDou
Data output from 1 to 10 Hz
Work in the wide voltage range from 10 to 32 V
Power supply DC 12V/24V
For GPS/GNSS antenna
To connect an R-CAM video camera
For SD, MMC flash cards

Accuracy of heading from row to row 20–30 cm*
Basic motion patterns:
Free form
Square metering
Identical curves
Work inside the perimeter
Air operation mode
Calculation of the field treated area Yes
Visualization of the treatment process Yes
Visualization of deviation from the course Yes
On-screen display:
Current time
Tool width
Intersection of treatment zones
Current motion pattern
Modes of operation:
Day / Night
Air mode
Positioning on OSM maps
Possibility to continue work after the break Yes
Auto calibration mode Yes
The ability to upload work results to computer Yes
Connecting the rear view camera (R-cam), including with IR illumination Yes

Main task Indication of the movement direction of agricultural vehicles according to one of the set patterns in the various modes

Agroglobal AGN8000 Guidance System 1 pce.
Bracket 1 pce.
Battery cord set 1 pce.
Spare jumper cable 1 pce.
Antenna AGN25 1 pce.
Metal plate for plastic surfaces of agricultural surfaces 1 pce.
Antenna cable in the corrugated pipe, length 4m 1 pce
Flash memory 8 Gb