Main-valve solution for AGN8000

Main-valve solution for AGN8000

Main-valve kit is designed to provide continuous liquid circulation in sprayer and to allow remote control of liquid flow to sprayer implement. The kit is connected to guidance system AGN8000 and allows for remote – using display button or external switch – main valve turn on/turn off.

When main valve is turned off, liquid flowing from the pump goes back to the tank. When main valve is turned on, liquid flows to the implement (nozzles). As a result there is no need to turn on/off pump (PTO shaft) every time when turning tractor to start next row. This way of main valve operation helps to reach working pressure at the nozzles in a short time after main valve is turned on, that ensures better apply quality after turn and start moving.

Using “Perimeter” pattern system will automatically turn off main valve when drive out of perimeter of the field.

Main valve – Geoline VGME5 20 bar
Filter – Geoline, 210 l/min, 50 MESH, self-cleaning
Power supply – 12 VDC.
Controls – power button, main valve ON/OFF button
Interface extension unit dimensions: 150 х 68 х 44 mm
Compatible with Agroglobal – AGN8000

Providing continuous liquid circulation in water system of sprayer and main valve remote control.

Manifold Geoline – 1 pc.
Interface extension unit – 1 pc.
Power harness – 1 pc.
Main valve harness – 1 pc.
Power button – 1 pc.
Main valve ON/OFF button – 1 pc.