The term “monitoring’ was borrowed from the English language, it means “regular monitoring of any processes for evaluation of their condition and development forecasts”. In most of the cases, monitoring is considered to be a set of actions aimed at tracking parameter changes of the object during the time to learn specifics of its dynamics and forecast of changes. There are various types of monitoring of agricultural vehicles. For example, tractor monitoring, yield monitoring etc.

Our new guidance system Agroglobal AGM AT5 includes the fertilizer application process monitoring function:

– Agroglobal controls the rate of fertilizers applied;
– when running on the treated area, sections or nozzles for the sprayer are automatically switched off;
– RTK system allows to work with improved positioning precision through an integrated 3G modem;
– the guidance system receives tasks and sends reports through communication modules (2G/3G, WiFi/Bluetooth).

Additional features of using Agroglobal Guidance System

In addition to the listed functions, the guidance system allows the agricultural producer to:

– track the work of equipment in real time (mounted sprayer, self-propelled sprayer, fertilizer distributor and others are being monitored);
– track the movement patter of agricultural vehicles;
– obtain data on the application rate of all kinds of fertilizers including fertilizers for grain;
– obtain data on the treated area, where herbicides and fertilizers were applied on;
– save information about the fields and performed works in the cloud service.

If you bought the Agrogloval system, you can embrace our offer and test the online monitoring during 6 month for free.

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