Company products

AGN AT5 Agricultural Navigation System

A universal device, standard configuration of which operates as a simple guidance system for a wide range of works. However, the main task of the device is operating within the system of control over the process of application of various chemical compounds when performing field works. The control system allows observing the application rate per hectare, control the run to the field treated plot and switch off sections (and nozzles) automatically.


Entry-level navigation system. It is suitable for works which do not require vehicle high-precision positioning. As a rule, such works include application of liquid and solid compounds (various fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, pest control chemicals etc.), seeding works with the help of distributors (RUMs).


Control unit is a component part of the system of control over the process of liquid fertilizers application. It allows automatizing field treatment process thus significantly minimizing human factor. It is used together with the AGN AT5 agricultural navigation system.

RTK RTSM 3 System

RTK entry-level system. It allows carrying out works which require enhanced precision of the vehicle positioning. It is a pair of single-frequency Base station and Rover RTK. The base station and Rover operate simultaneously with two constellations and support all operating systems of satellite positioning. Each of the devices has an integrated RF modem (non-licensed range of 433 MHz is used) and low power consumption.


The lightning element is meant for nozzles work evaluation during the night time. It is set between a pair of nozzles and illuminates the flame allowing to evaluate the quality and operational capability of the system. It can be used as a part of our control system as well as separately. Even when applying several stages of filtration, watering from open waters usually results in irregular work or full stop of nozzles. Visual control of work is required.