RTK RTSM 3 System

RTK RTSM 3 System

Entry-level RTK System. It allows conducting works requiring enhanced precision of vehicle positioning.

The system is a pair of single-frequency Base Station and RTK Rover. The Base Station and Rover work simultaneously with two constellations and support all available systems of satellite positioning. Each of the devices includes an integrated RF modem using a non-licensed range of 433MHz of low power consumption. Due to the capacity limits of 433MHz range at the territory of the Russian Federation, the modem radiated power is limited to 10 mW. This capacity is enough for the operation of the system at the distances of up to 5 km within the line of sight (relative to transmit-receive antennas). As a result, you get an opportunity to conduct works with a relative error of up to 2.5 cm (relative to the RTK Base Station under good radio conditions) at a very reasonable cost.

Main task:
Positioning correction of the pluggable device with maximum precision.

The following components are used in the RTK System:

• Single-frequency RTK consumer-grade receivers;
• Transceiving antennas – “AA153” (typical gain of 5.5 dB, height 1 m);
• Transceiver – 433 MHz, capacity 10 dB. With a power of 10 dB, the maximum distance (in the line of sight) – up to 5 km.
Output data from the RTK RTSM 3 Base Station: 19,200 kb/s, 1 Hz. 
Output data from the RTK Rover: UBX Protocol or NMEA 0183 – up to 10 Hz.